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  • Royal Hasler Race June 16Royal Hasler Race June 16
    We have 3 big events coming up for us in June and it will be awesome to send a massive team for all 3!!! Remember, individually we need to do 3 races minimum to qualify for the hasler finals in Richmond later this year. If you do 3x  K1 races, you qualify to race either K1 or ...
  • 10@10 Race Series: Nov 26 2023: Results10@10 Race Series: Nov 26 2023: Results
    10@10 Race Series: Nov 26 2023: Results The Royal hosted to second of the Winter K2 Series. The series is an opportunity to keep your racing skills sharp over the winter (or just provide a change of scenery to break winter glum). Well done for everyone involved in competing and organising the day! The results can be downloaded from ...
  • Royal Hasler: June 11 2023Royal Hasler: June 11 2023
    Thank you to everyone involved in making a successful day. Great to see so many people on the water and thanks to the volunteers for making it run so smoothly and feeding the masses. Race Day Strewth mate: more burgers for the barby You can ring my bell