Royal Hasler Race June 16

We have 3 big events coming up for us in June and it will be awesome to send a massive team for all 3!!!

Remember, individually we need to do 3 races minimum to qualify for the hasler finals in Richmond later this year. If you do 3x  K1 races, you qualify to race either K1 or K2 at the final. If you do just 3x K2 races then you can only do K2 at the final. Think about trying to do K1 so that we have the option of doing K1 or K2 at the final to expand our options and increase our chances of performing better.

June 16th – Royal Hasler

This is the big one for us. We have speakers, burgers and drone footage! It will be the biggest hasler of the year 😀 We want to have a big show up so other teams can see the amount of progress we have made. Volunteers are needed for this.

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June 23rd – Richmond Hasler

These are our big rivals, so it will be impressive if we can send a huge team to this race and show that we mean business this year! We will be paddling down from the club so transporting boats will be easy and it was great fun doing this last year.

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June 30th – Wey Hasler

We had 43 athletes signed up to this last time and unfortunately it was postponed. Let’s do it again and show that it wasn’t just a fluke turn out. 

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