RCC001 Current Web Site Inventory

Purpose of this page

to provide a tick list fof the pages to be migrated to the new site with links to the current site fro comparison.

RefPage LinkDescriptionLink: How it has been migratedStatus
1Home PageLanding page for the siteHome Page: Review and ChangesWIP
2AboutLinks to same page as [2.1 About the royal canoe club]About Page review & ChangesWIP
2.1– About the royal canoe clubProvides details of what the club does and offersAbout Page review & ChangesWIP
2.2HistoryShort history of the club
Provides background to who we are and what we do
Club History page changesWIP
2.3– What we do
2.3.1– – Flat Water CompetitionExplanation of the Hasler and sprint races in text
2.3.2– – Outrigger Canoeing at RoyalPicture and brief desciption fo outriggers and link to the outrigger website
2.4– Club house facilites & Services
2.5– Who’s who at Royal
2.5– Corporate
2.6– Contact
3.1– Racing
3.2 – 3.7– Paddling Challenge 2022
3.8– Racing Calendar
3.9– Race reportsIs another page that lists the posts to the site
Have not repeated thi duplicate and just kept the Blog page.
4TrainingNo Longer used and links to page that states it is not longer used
5Club NewsIs the blog pages that lists all the posts made to the siteWIP
6Get Involved
6.1– Get InvolvedThis page has links to mebership fee sites and is replace by how to pay fees
6.2– Beginners / Taster SessionsHave copied the text but moved junior reference to Junor Page
6.3– Junior beginners courseHave copied the text form tastes and added a flyer
7Members Area
7.1– Members Info
7.2– New Paddler Tips
7.3– New Parent Tips
7.4– Royal Race DatesNot used since 2021
7.5– Club Calendar
7.6– Time Trials
7.7– Paddlers Profile Sheets
7.8– Governance
8 Safety PolicyLink to 7 oage PDF file on Safety Policy for the club.
Suggest this shoudl be in the membership area.
Have aded link as a button on Come Join Us