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Review of current Page

RefSuccess CriterionReviewScore
1Does it work with being viewed on a phone / iPad / PC?There is alot of text. Difficult to pick out the key maessages of the pages and guide toward making filling in the contact pages2
2How easy is it to find what I am interested in?The about page is accesses from the drop down menu on the home page.
The top level [About] and the submenu [about royal canoe club] lead to this page.
Prosal is to chaneg this to an our passion / about us type button
3Encouraging ContactIt is not obvious how to contact eopel to get involved from this page
Table mapping current site pages to new site

Review Findings

  • Key Messages fromt he current page are
    • We are many
      • 200 members
    • We are Active
      • 3 races each year
      • Weekly Time Trial
      • Fun Races
      • A range of training sessions
    • We provide all the Equipment you need to get started
    • We have excellent facilties
    • We have a fully equipped Gym and excercise rooms
    • We compete Internationally
      • Coaching and mentoring

Proposed Changes

  • One paragrah followed by bullet points of the key messages
  • Re-enforce the key messages with corresponding images that scroll autmaotically in a carousel
  • Add a contact us button that sends an email conifrimation to the user and an email to the RCC emails that will follow up and make contact.
  • Also add contact us on the top menu.