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Review of current Page

RefSuccess CriterionReviewScore out of 10
1Does it work with being viewed on a phone / iPad / PC?There is alot of text. Difficult to pick out the key messages of the pages and guide toward making filling in the contact pages2
2How easy is it to find what I am interested in?The [History] page is accesses from the drop down [About] nmenu on the home page.
Proposal is to change this to be a button on the [Our Passion] page and also have it on the drop down menus under [Oour Passion]
3Encouraging ContactPut contacy us button at bottom of page
Table mapping current site pages to new site

Review Findings

  • There is lots of intereting information in the text.
  • Images woudl help bringthis to life.
  • Found some nice images of John Magregor
  • Found nice image of Prince Edward kayaking: Need oto pay license fee for this.

Proposed Changes

  • Create a slide show that engaes the user and include a button to link to the contact form