RCC07 Update 24-05-21


  • Access: Set up new user account Editor access to enable the addition of new pages and the uploading of media.
  • Publish: Agree final changes to republish the revised site
  • Home Page Tiles: Confirm the work required to create a custom tile home page
  • Links: Confirm the links to the Juniors, Masters, Watersports Courses / Recreational
  • Menus: Published version of the top menu can we streamline? Kingston works.
  • Style Changes: For next time: Remove stickers & Replacement of buttons on pages with picture tiles agree changes. Remove all until we decide otherwise.
  • Collaboration: Use google meetings and mural to discuss and document changes.

User Account Update to Author Access

The account has been updated from contributor to Author
Here’s a quick summary of each role, with detailed descriptions further down this page:

  • Administrator: The highest level of permission. Admins have the power to access almost everything.
  • Editor: Has access to all posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags, and can upload media.
  • Author: Can write, upload media, edit, and publish their own posts.
  • Contributor: Has no publishing or uploading capability but can write and edit their own posts until they are published.
  • Viewer: Viewers can read and comment on posts and pages on private sites.
  • Subscriber: People who subscribe to your site’s updates.

Each user role is capable of everything that a less powerful role is capable of. In other words, Editors can do everything Authors can do, Authors can do everything Contributors can do, and so on

Next Steps to Validate

  • Add a page to the admin section
  • Upload a video and add to the page
  • Upload an image and add to the page
  • Publish the page

Links to Juniors, Masters and Recreation pages

On the home page menu use kingston rowing club as the template

instead of rowing we have kayaking and a drop down menu for Juniors, Masters, Junior Recreational and Adult Recreational.

Have pictures in a 1 X 4 grid to take you to the Juniors, Masters, Junior Recreational and Adult Recreational pages

What pages sholud the home page tiles for Juniors, Masters and Recreation Links to?

Governance page: Put it under an about link on the menu that can also cover who’s who and committee

Home Page TileLinked PageDescription
1: JuniorsPage title is Juniors: Links to memberships, training and racing
3: MastersLinks to memberships, training and racing
2: Juniors Recreational3rd tile on home page: watersports camps and tasters
4: Adult RecreationalHaving fun on the river & corporate

RCC Calendar: under the racing menu

Have a calendar that covers the events we are focussing on.

Ownership: Ryan would own the updates on this

Link to racing calendar for the UK from our own calendar page

Editor Access

Validate that the editor acess enabels the upload of media and the creation of pages.

The Author access is liimted to the creation of posts