RCC002: Changing the RCC site hosting


Change the hosting arrangements for the royal canoe club site to enable nominated members fo the club to manage:

Domain Management

  • Direct ownership of the www.royalcnaloeclub.com domain and
  • Implement the notification and processing of payments by a nominated role in the RCC management team.
  • Enable the switching of hosting providers in the future so the doman name can be linked to a new website.

Hosting Management

  • Set up hosting so that it is paid directlly by the club
  • Renewal notices are sent to a nominated member of the club management team
  • Payments are made direclty by the clubto the host provider
  • Arrange and monitor regular backups of the site to prevent data loss and periodically check the ability to restore the site from backup

How to Transfer a Domain

  • Select the new Domain Registrar : Hostinger
  • Create an account on Hostinger
  • Unlock the domain at the current registrar : Hostinger with Domain owned by current owner.
  • Search for the domain using the registrar’s transfer tools
  • Enter the authorisation code to transfre the domain
  • Typical transfer time is 6-8 days

How to Transfer hosting

  • Create a hosting account with the new provider
  • Set up a wordpress instance with the facility to restore backups of the current site.
  • Restore the current site to the new host
  • Change the Domain settings to link the www.royalcanoeclub.com domain to the new site
  • Will take 2 days for change in site to become available to all internet users as www.royalcanoeclub